Comprehensive Financial Planning

We take a holistic approach to best serve you and your finances.  All of these may not apply, but below are some examples of things we do for our clients:

  • Investment management: Design and manage your investment portfolio in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner. Align the portfolio with your objectives. Determine which types of investments best fit in which accounts.

  • Stock option planning and analysis: Track, plan, and develop strategies on how to best handle your equity compensation.

  • Debt re-payment planning: Develop repayment plan, evaluate re-financing, balance savings and investing goals with debt pay-off.

  • Personal Goal Discussions: Life priorities tend to constantly change. We keep a pulse on your situation to constantly ensure your desired life is matched by your financial picture.

  • Budgeting and savings strategies: Evaluate both cash flow and behavior, find potential areas for improvement, and determine which accounts to best use for savings goals.

  • Tax planning: Mid-year, and end-of-year tax check-in. Tax return review. Coordination with your CPA or tax preparer.

  • Retirement planning and projections: Ensure you are saving enough in the proper accounts to have a retirement that meets your standards.

  • Employee Benefits review: Consult with you before and during Open Enrollment to ensure you are maximizing your available employee benefits.

  • Financial Independence and Early Retirement analysis: Evaluate the potential to retire early, and evaluate strategies to help you achieve it.

  • Credit and Credit Card review: Review credit score and evaluate credit card improvements considering points, spending, and fees.

  • Life event planning and consulting: Plan for and work alongside you during life's expected and unexpected events.

  • Insurance coverage analysis: Ensure there are no significant gaps in your insurance coverage. Will recommend outside insurance professionals when necessary.

  • Estate Planning review: Ensure beneficiaries and documents are current. Will recommend outside professionals when necessary.

  • Charitable giving planning and strategies: Evaluate charitable intent and develop strategy to make the most of it from both a tax and impact perspective.

In addition to the above, we have a network of financial professionals (Estate Planning attorneys, Insurance consultants, CPAs and tax preparers) to work with and refer to when their expertise can add value to your situation.


As a fee-only firm, the only fees we earn are those paid directly by you, the client. No commissions, no kickbacks, no hidden fees.

Our fee is calculated in one of two ways depending on your situation.

For clients with investable assets above $300,000, our fees begin at 0.90% and go down from there.

For clients with between $0 and $300,000 under management, there is an annual fee which can be paid monthly or quarterly. There is also a one-time up-front fee. There is a range for these fees as they vary depending on needs and complexity. The up-front fee begins at $750 and the annual fee begins at $3,000.

Hourly Projects

For those only seeking specific guidance, we consult on financial planning topics on an hourly basis at $250/hour.