Modern Financial Planning

We are a registered investment advisor and financial planning firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with clients across the country, primarily serving gen X and gen Y. Due to our specific expertise, many of our clients are young families or tech employees.

The driving principles of Modern Financial Planning are:

  • Personal Finance is more personal than it is finance. The clients come first.

  • Focus on the things that we can control: behavior, mindset, discipline, expenses.

  • Minimize unnecessary fees and taxes that could become a drag on your wealth.

We are a fiduciary. This means we always act in the client's best interest.

We are independent and fee-only.  This means we aren't affiliated with a bank, insurance company or broker-dealer and the only way we are paid is directly from our clients. No commissioned products, no kickbacks, no sales pitches, no conflicts of interest.

We care. We listen. Our clients are our top priority and we understand that no two clients are the same. 

We have experience.  We have spent years honing skills alongside some of the brightest minds in San Francisco in financial planning, investments, and tax.

We are lifelong learners. This business is our passion and we put in many hours in both formal and non-formal continuing education every year.

We focus on optimization. We are tax-savvy financial planners who aim to help you maximize every financial tool you have at your disposal.

Most importantly, we understand that money touches all aspects of your life  - relationships, family, education, career, travel, health, retirement, goals, dreams, legacy. We partner with you to help keep you on track and work through all of life's excitement and uncertainty.



How are you unique compared to other firms? We stand out in a few ways. Learn how we're different.

Do I need a certain amount of assets to work with you? No, we have different service structures based on your situation. If you do not have a certain asset size yet, part of our job is to help get you there.

Where will my money be held?  We do not hold client funds, nor should any advisor. This is a safeguard put in place for your protection. Our client investment accounts are held at TD Ameritrade, a 3rd party and independent custodian. TD is one of the largest and most well-known investment custodians and stands out due to their cutting edge technology along with their low fees and high service. 

What is your investment philosophy? We leverage Nobel Prize-winning research as a baseline to help structure your portfolio. We strive to reduce risk by investing across different asset classes and different geographies. We also believe in keeping more of your money in your pocket, we accomplish this by reducing fees and taxes where possible.

Are you currently taking on new clients? Yes we are.

How do I get started? The best step is to schedule a 15-30 minute introductory call. Free of charge, and free of high-pressured sales pitches.

Who will I be working with? Michael Troxell, the president and founder. You will not be handed off to an associate.